Steve B Tyler For District Attorney Victoria Texas

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Serving as District Attorney means…

Service Above Self
As a U.S. Army veteran and a prosecutor, duty is a sacred bond for me. It’s a calling and a promise to serve that’s larger than self. I take my duty to our constitution, our country, and our community very seriously. I serve as your District Attorney to do the job, not to have the title.

Prosecutorial Experience
As prosecutors, we’re constantly participating in investigations, evaluating evidence, preparing cases, and going to court. It takes real-world skills managing people and resources to effectively lead a District Attorney’s Office like ours. We work hard in the D.A.’s Office and in the courtroom, trying cases to judges and juries and working with our partners in law enforcement to make our streets safer. I’ve personally tried over 100 cases to juries here, including 38 murder or attempted murder cases.

As a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger and an Army Officer with over 30 years combined military service and as a prosecutor for nearly two decades, I know how important it is to lead by example. As about any Sergeant or Officer who served our country will tell you, hands-on experience is vital for leading and making good decisions. Experience prosecuting criminals is extremely important for trying cases in court and keeping our county safe, and it doesn’t come from a Cracker Jack box.

Safe Families
The safety of your family is my top priority. You deserve to be protected by a tough, experienced District Attorney, not a politician who’s never prosecuted a single case. I have a duty to the people of our community to keep them safe, and our D.A.’s Office is one of the most aggressive in prosecuting gangs and crimes against children.

Moral Courage
Serving as District Attorney calls for making difficult decisions on a daily basis, and I’ve never been afraid to do my duty or make the tough calls to keep our community safe. Doing what’s right isn’t always popular, pretty, or politically correct. These are challenging times in our nation and world, and I want to keep working for you to see that justice is done.

Standing Tall
As reported in the media during the recent Hernandez gang trial that took down the Surenos 13 street gang here, evidence presented during trial indicates that violent criminals want to kill me and others for doing our jobs in fighting crime and gangs.

Texas Justice
I was hired by the voters to prosecute criminals and get thugs off the streets, not to be Mister other words, to be like a guard dog that bites the bad guys, not a lap dog that just yaps and does tricks. I’m committed to keeping our communities safe and keeping criminals on the run. As your District Attorney, I’ve pursued justice wherever it has led, and I’ll keep fighting for justice for all.

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"Pursuing justice wherever it leads often means a fight, and people deserve to have a fighter in their corner. As a high school and college wrestler, a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, and a District Attorney, I've been a fighter all my life."

"As your District Attorney, I’ve been single-minded about protecting and serving all Victoria County residents regardless of race, color, creed, or status. I care deeply about this place we call home, and I'm proud of the work we do to make our community a better, safer place for everyone. Thanks for stopping by the website, and feel free to take a look around…"