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  • 39 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Victoria Man found Guilty of Tampering With Evidence On Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, a Victoria County jury found Gerald Lamont Peoples, 44, guilty of the felony offense of Tampering with Physical Evidence. The jury acquitted the defendant of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, they also found that the defendant concealed the knife with which the State alleged the defendant had committed the assault in order to prevent the police from recovering it as evidence in the case.  At the trial, the jury heard from the defendant’s wife. She testified that, shortly after she came home from work on March 24, 2017, she had been sleeping on the couch in the living room of the home she shared with the defendant when he started an argument with her over money. She stated that the defendant was angry because he had found out that she made more money that pay period than she had told him she did. The argument escalated the defendant pulled out a pocket knife. When she tried to stand up, he pushed her back into the couch on which she had been sleeping, overturning the couch in the process. After she got up, the defendant approached her, cornered her in the kitchen, and held the knife close to her neck. She testified that the defendant held the knife to her neck for about ten seconds before he backed off, at which point she picked up her grandson and darted out of the house where she called 911. She remained outside the home till the police arrived. The police interviewed both the defendant and his wife. When asked whether he owned a pocket knife, the defendant told the police that he had given the pocket knife to his friend who was at the home to take away from the location. His wife contradicted this account, telling the police that while the defendant’s friend was there earlier, he had left the location before the defendant threatened her with the knife. The police searched the location but were unable to find the pocket knife. They arrested the defendant for aggravated assault and tampering with evidence, and instructed his wife to call the police if she were to come across the pocket knife. Later that same day, the defendant’s wife called the police to report that she had located two pocket knives. The defendant had hidden them in the window sill behind the headboard in their bedroom. Further collaborating her account were three phone calls that the defendant made from the Victoria County jail shortly after his arrest. In these calls, the defendant repeatedly instructs a friend to go to his bedroom window, the same window where the pocket knives were recovered, to remove “the things.” The friend reported back that there was nothing in the window, since the knives were already taken by the police. After deliberating for two hours and fifty minutes, the jury found the defendant guilty of tampering with physical evidence.  The jury also assessed punishment in this case. Due to the fact that the defendant had been convicted of at least two prior felonies, Robbery and Aggravated Robbery, the range of punishment was a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison. The jury heard testimony from the defendant’s wife and a number of other witnesses, including the defendant. His wife testified in the last couple of years, their marriage had turned tumultuous and violent, and marred by drug use, causing her to seek and obtain a divorce. During the defendant’s testimony, testified that in his younger day, he had been a gang member but was no longer active. He further testified that in the year he had spent incarcerated at the Victoria County jail, he had found religion and was now a reformed man. On cross-examination, the prosecution was able to undermine this argument, showing via a letter that the defendant wrote to the parole board that the defendant had, in the past, claimed to have become a changed man, and then subsequently committed more criminal offenses that contradicted his claim. The defendant was also forced to admit that, in a very rare occurrence, he served about nineteen years of his twenty year sentence and that the reason for this was his less than stellar behavior while incarcerated.  After hearing all the evidence in the punishment phase, the jury deliberated for an additional forty five minutes before sentencing the defendant to fifty years in prison.  Assistant District Attorneys Barbara Agbu and Jacqueline Johnson prosecuted this case. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Steve Tyler (361) 575-0468
    Victoria Man found Guilty of Tampering With EvidenceOn Wednesday, Ap
  • 48 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    43 CRIP RECEIVES 60 YEARS  On Thursday, February 15, 2018, a Victoria jury sentenced Dijohn Lamont King, 19, to 60 years in prison in each count for two counts of Aggravated Robbery, 20 years in prison (the maximum sentence allowed by law) for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 20 years in prison (the maximum sentence allowed by law) for Burglary of a Habitation, and 2 years state jail (the maximum sentence allowed by law) for Theft of a Firearm. The previous day, the jury found the Defendant guilty of all five counts.
    The evidence showed that when the Defendant was 16 or 17 years of age he entered the “Four-Tre-Crips” criminal street gang. On September 20, 2016, the Defendant acted as a look-out for another individual that was attempting to enter the window into the room of a teenage girl. VPD Offices arrived to question to the Defendant and ultimately arrested him. While the Defendant was in handcuffs and in the presence of law enforcement, he threatened to harm the citizens that reported the crime. He told the witnesses that “There’s going to be some [explicative]” when he got out and that he was a Crip. Also during the arrest, the Defendant threatened to assault an officer of the VPD.
    On November 18, 216, the Defendant was found in the Bell Tower area at approximately two in the morning. VPD Officer Jason Stone was patrolling the area and detained the Defendant. A few feet away from the Defendant were multiple firearms and the Defendant had a stole wallet in his pocket. Officer Stone developed probable cause that the Defendant and other individuals had burglarized several vehicles in the area.
    On January 30, 2017 at approximately 10pm, the aggravated robbery victim (SF) was returning home from work. He parked his car a few feet away from his apartment and was about to exit his vehicle. Before he did so, a gun was pressed against his throat by a male. Another male whispered in SF’s ear that SF was going to die. The two males proceeded to take SF’s property and then ran from the scene. As they ran from the scene, two young men gave chase in attempt to apprehend the robbers. One of the young men testified during trial that the male with the gun in his hand and running was the Defendant. When the robbers got to their getaway car, they wheeled around and leveled the gun at the two pursuing young men, and commanded that they stop following them. The Defendant and his partner in robbery then drove off in a Silver Ford Escape.
    A mere four hours later, three armed men entered the house of two burglary victims (CH and BM). One of the offenders had a shotgun. It was shown at trial that one of the men entered through the bathroom window of the house and opened the front door to let the other two in. While the three offenders were inside of the home, they made CH and BM lay face-down. The three burglars ransacked the home, held CH and BM at gunpoint. One of the burglars went as far as to butt-stroke CH in the back of the head. Before the three burglars left, they openly discussed murdering CH and BM before leaving. Firearms, phones and gaming consoles were taken from CH and BM. Since CH and BM were without phones, they drove around seeking help and came across Officer Matthew Dailey in the parking lot of Academy.
    Officer Matthew Dailey was in the process of typing his report for the Aggravated Robbery of SF that occurred four hours earlier. He quickly suspected that the same offenders were involved in both Aggravated Robberies. Approximately 24 hours later, Deputy Ernest Castillo of the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office encountered a Silver Ford Escape. The Defendant was a passenger in that vehicle and he had a shotgun between his legs that matched the description of the weapon used in burglary of CH and BM home. The Defendant was arrested.
    Later, lead investigator Melissa Rendon of the VPD obtained a search warrant to search the Silver Ford Escape. During the search of the vehicle, Detective Amy Grothe found a pistol that was stolen from CH. Stolen checks from SF were also found on the Defendant’s seat. Robert Nichols of the VPD also found other stolen items that were later learned were taken from other burglary of motor vehicle offenses.
    While at the jail, the Defendant made phone calls admitting to his guilt and referencing stolen property inside of the vehicle. Even after the jury convicted the Defendant of five counts involving the home invasion of CH and BM, the Defendant admitted to Lt. Chris Garcia that he was still an active member of the “Four-Tre-Crips.”
    At punishment, the Defense argued that the Defendant’s age should be mitigating. However, ADA Johnson argued that leniency emboldens gangsters and invites gang recruitment of younger members who can avoid accountability and consequences. ADA Johnson asked the jury to send a solid message to Thugs; to speak for the community and establish a standard that such thugs can expect from Victoria Juries and Prosecutors. She explained that even though physical items like guns, wallets and phones could be replaced; there are other things the victims will never get back like trust, security, and peace. She asked for a sentence of 60 years on the Aggravated Robbery Counts, 20 years on the Burglary of Habitation and Aggravated Assault Counts and 2 years on the Theft of a Firearm Count. The jury responded with their complete support and granted those exact sentences.
    These are the people’s court, their laws, and their community. Aggressive prosecution and real consequences is what citizens demand. This decision will both deter gangsters and gang formation and isolate these thugs. It should be noted that this thugs did not voluntarily quit or march off to prison; law enforcement and prosecutors upheld the law, presented the facts and protected their community.
    ADA Johnson and ADA Tom Dillard prosecuted with the assistance of Victim’s Assistance Coordinator Sara Bill and Investigator Steve Allen. Our office would like to thank the Victoria Police Department (including but not limited to Melissa Rendon, Amy Grothe, Matthew Dailey, Robert Nichols, Jonathan Hein, Jason Stone, Danielle Turner) and Victoria County Sherriff’s Office (including but not limited to Deputy Ernest Castillo) for their great work! We also extend our sincerest thanks to the jurors who did a wonderful job of protecting their community.
    43 CRIP RECEIVES 60 YEARS On Thursday, February 15, 2018, a Victoria
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    48 weeks ago 2
    19 years old and his life is already over
    47 weeks ago
    Good job VPD!
    48 weeks ago
    Chalk em up
  • 50 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    DEFENDANT GETS “BLASTED” WITH MAXIMUM SENTENCE AND FINE  On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, a Victoria jury sentenced Kevin Daniel Cerrillo to the maximum sentence of 10 years plus a $10,000 fine (the maximum fine) for both counts of Assault Family Violence with Previous Conviction.
    At trial, Officer Jason Stone of the Victoria Police Department testified that on February 9, 2016, he responded to victim LH, who was dating the Defendant at the time. The Defendant was not present at the location when Officer Stone arrived. Officer Stone observed LH’s right side of her face was red. LH testified that the Defendant became upset when her 2 year old child was crying. This caused the Defendant to throw the 2 year old child in LH’s arms. While LH was holding the child, the Defendant struck LH in her face with his fist. LH was pregnant at the time.
    On March 1, 2017, LH was again assaulted by the Defendant. He struck her in the head, causing knots to form. After being assaulted, LH waited for the Defendant to fall asleep before sneaking out with her children to go stay at a friend’s home. LH’s friend testified that while LH was at her home, the Defendant was texting and calling LH threatening to “f*ck her up” and reminding LH of his gang affiliation – that he was “blastin’”. The next morning, LH went with her friend to provide a statement to law enforcement. Officer Jose Rosas took photographs of the injuries of LH including scratches on her chest and bumps on her head. Both LH and her friend testified that the Defendant had controlled, verbally abused and physically abused LH multiple times before.
    The State also played jail calls from the Defendant where the Defendant labeled the assaults as making a “mistake.”
    During closing argument, Defense Attorney Arnold Hayden said that this case was nothing more than a “ghetto divorce.” He implied that the assaults were the fault of LH because LH knew the Defendant was on parole when she started dating him. ADA Johnson responded that no one deserved to be assaulted and that the jury needed to protect Victoria County. The jury deliberated for approximately 30 minutes before finding the Defendant guilty of both counts of Assault Family Violence with Previous Conviction.
    During the punishment phase of the trial, LH testified that her and her children have been mentally affected by the abuse suffered at the hands of the Defendant. The evidence showed that on December 8, 2007, the Defendant struck his previous girlfriend, DZR, with his fist leaving her with a black left eye and unconscious in a ditch. Sherry Hornstein of the Victoria Police Department testified that the Defendant said at the scene that he “screwed up” and that DZR Hornstein was his wife. DZR was taken to Citizens Medical Center. In 2007, the Defendant was placed on probation for Assault Causes Serious Bodily Injury. As part of his probation, the Defendant was not to have contact with DZR. In 2009, the Defendant assaulted DZR again by striking her in the head with a fan and with a television. The testimony at punishment indicated that DZR had to resort to stabbing the Defendant in order to defend herself. After the assault, the Defendant’s probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 10 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. After getting paroled on that 10 year sentence, the Defendant committed a theft in Williamson County where he was sentenced to 12 months State Jail in 2012.
    ADA Johnson compared the legal process in this case to a relay. She explained that law enforcement had done its job by sending the case to the District Attorney’s Office, that the grand jury had done its job by indicting the case, that the District Attorney’s Office had done its job by securing a verdict, and now the jury was the anchor leg in the relay. ADA Johnson argued that a team is only as good as its last leg and asked the jury to finish strong by assessing the maximum punishment allowed. It took the jury approximately 9 minutes to return with the maximum fine and maximum sentence in both counts.
    ADA Johnson and ADA Guy prosecuted with the assistance of Victim’s Assistance Coordinator Sara Bill and Investigator Steve Allen. Our office would like to thank the Victoria Police Department (Sherry Hornstein, Jason Stone, Jose Rosas, Kelly Gibbs, and Crystal Lara) and Victoria Fire Department (Jennifer Dailey) for their great work!
    50 weeks ago 1
    These tango blast guys are all a bunch of turds that need flushing
  • 56 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Merry Christmas!!!! From the District Attorney’s Office
    Merry Christmas!!!!  From the District Attorney’s Office
  • 56 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    JURY CONVICTS MAN OF MURDER & SENTENCES HIM TO LIFE AND A $10,000 FINE On Monday, December 18, 2017 after thirty minutes of deliberation a Victoria County jury convicted Rodolpho Alvarez of the murder of Paris Sophia Loraine Calhoun. He committed this murder during his commission of the Aggravated assault of Yvonne Calhoun, the mother of Sophia, while his conduct was an act clearly dangerous to human life. He was driving 90-95 mph in the 4400 block of the Houston Highway, between “2-Step” and Wal-Mart. He was legally intoxicated, a 0.188 grams/100ml of blood alcohol concentration, and he failed to control his speed, failed to yield the right-of-way and failed to avoid this collision.
    When Victoria Police Officer Maresh approached his vehicle at the intersection of Teakwood and Hwy 59, he turned-off the ignition and asked Mr. Alvarez if he had hit anything, to which Mr. Alvarez indicated he didn’t know. After failing a battery of three standardized field sobriety test Officer Maresh arrested Mr. Alvarez and requested a sample of his blood, to which Mr. Alvarez refused stating “that he probably had too much to drive.” Officer Maresh obtained a warrant for Mr. Alvarez’ blood.
    Trooper Villarreal obtained a warrant to search the Air Bag Control Module of Mr. Alvarez’ F-350 pickup truck. That data revealed that Mr. Alvarez was traveling at 94 mph 5 seconds before impact and 89 mph at impact, that he never used his brakes, never attempted to swerve and only took his foot off the accelerator 3 seconds before impact. Trooper Villarreal also analyzed the surveillance video provided by Wal-Mart that confirmed these speeds. The video also showed that after the F-350 struck the Expedition, the Expedition barrel rolled then flipped end over end over landing between the East and West entrances of “2-Step.”
    Victoria Police Officers Houser and Cerny extracted Sophia from her mother’s crushed vehicle when they discovered her pulse and breathing had stopped. Regrettably the impact force of 1.8 to 1.2 million foot-pounds of energy devastated her brain, brain stem and spinal cord. After her mother Yvonne was stabilized at Citizen’s Medical Center, she and her husband Hal were moved to Sophia’s bedside were they shared their final good-byes.
    Analysis of the collision scene by Victoria Police Office Brendan Allen demonstrated that had Mr. Alvarez been traveling the speed limit Sophia would have survived; that had he turned to the open turn lane or outside lane Sophia would have survived; that had he used “hard braking” at 3 ½ seconds instead of simply taking his foot off the accelerator, Sophia would have survived.
    The Calhoun family described Sophia as a contagiously happy and energetic girl who loved drawing, dancing, singing and chasing butterflies. She was described as every person’s friend and a stranger to none; a girly tom-boy bold enough as to play baseball in a Tutu. She dreamed of being a ballerina, a princess, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Friends and family agreed Sophia will always be missed and this world is dimmer after her loss.
    In closing during the guilt phase Mr. Tyler quoted Adam Smith in saying: “mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent” and at punishment paraphrased Thomas Paine: “it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article [as a daughter and her love] should not be highly rated.”
    Rest in Peace Princess Sophia.
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    56 weeks ago 5
    DA Stephen Tyler did a excellent job prosecuting this case after a nine year old was killed by a drunk driver!! This type of case is one reason Mr. Tyler was tuff on all DWI’s , A few days in jail for a DWI to get ur attention to not drink and drive or the alternative if someone is killed and then you spend life in prison!!!
    56 weeks ago
    56 weeks ago
    different case, but same circumstances
    56 weeks ago
    Damn good job I pray for her and family AMEN
  • 57 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    It was great seeing and visiting with everyone who joined us at the Criminal District Attorney's Holiday Social at the Historical Society Building !!!
    Photos from Victoria County Criminal District Attorney's post
  • 58 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Great Snowy Morning Victoria!!!!!
    Photos from Victoria County Criminal District Attorney's post
  • 59 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    JUDGE SENTENCES ABUSER TO 10 YEARS On Thursday, November 9th, 2017, Judge Eli Garza of Victoria County’s 377th Judicial District Court heard the State’s motion to adjudicate the Defendant, William Jake Coker, who had been placed on community supervision for the offense of Evading Arrest with a Vehicle. The defendant had been placed on community supervision in July of 2016 for a period of three years.
    The state alleged that the defendant had violated the conditions of his community supervision by repeated criminal Violations of Protective Orders. The defendant pled “true,” in part, to the allegations; however, the State proved these allegations and more. Convinced of these violations, the judge sentenced the defendant to the maximum punishment allowed; 10 years in prison.
    The prosecutor proved that, when the defendant and the victim got a divorce, she sought and received a protection order which prohibited the defendant from being at or near her residence or her place of employment. Despite this court order, the defendant continued to live with the victim in both Smith and Henderson Counties.
    The State proved an additional assault by the defendant, when still married to the victim that had occurred in March of 2016 but was still pending. The state also showed that the defendant had isolated the victim by selling her car, taking her phone and controlling her contacts. The defendant continued to abuse the victim; now isolated, scared, and hopeless. The defendant shaved her head, which cost her job as a hairdresser/ beautician. Further, insanely jealous, the defendant attempted to burn-off a small tattoo on the victim’s stomach of a previous boyfriend’s name with a white-hot metal spoon and a small blow torch. These years of abuse left the victim with a fractured jaw, broken teeth, destroyed credit, estranged children and family, and permanent distrust.
    Her chance came when her tormentor, the defendant, miscalculated. The defendant insisted that she join his church in Tyler. The church had a strong women’s group which gave her courage and protection involving a local women’s shelter. Through these travails, he had taken everything but her courage and a victim packet given to her by a Victoria County Victim Witness Coordinator. Her church group, the shelter, and law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions pitched in, but it was the victim driving 5 hours to face-down her tormentor that brought justice to this defendant.
    Witnesses in this case included Tracy Marbach from the Victoria County Sherriff’s Office, Andy Erbaugh with the Tyler Police Department, ADA Michael White who had previously handled some of the Defendant’s cases, and the victim who shared details of the nature of the defendant and their relationship. ADAs Barbara Agbu and Melanie Rozbicki prosecuted the case with the assistance of Investigator Roy Kuester and Assistant Victims’ Assistance Coordinator Gwendolyn Sanford. All involved are champions, whose courage and character saved this deserving person.
    JUDGE SENTENCES ABUSER TO 10 YEARSOn Thursday, November 9th, 2017, J
    57 weeks ago
    6 weeks ago
    Mark Hagen
    6 weeks ago
    Kirsty Hagen-Padoven I hope he meets a new girlfriend in jail and tries this crap on him.
    5 weeks ago
    Jessica Montez
    5 weeks ago
    Jessica MoMontez
    Justin Montez
    34 weeks ago
    Brian Anthony Hernandez
  • 59 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    WOMAN FOUND GUILTY ON TWO COUNTS OF ENDANGERING A CHILD   On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, a Victoria jury found Eva Tina Delgado guilty of two counts of Endangering a Child. During the course of the trial, which commenced on Monday, November 27, 2017, the jury heard testimony from several members of the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office describing how they came upon Miss Delgado’s children who were left alone in a vehicle in the middle of the night without any adult supervision.
    The evidence showed that on December 18, 2015 around 12:30 a.m., members of the Sherriff’s Office Special Crimes Unit were conducting a proactive investigation in the Bloomington area in response to complaints of burglaries and narcotics activity when one investigator noticed a vehicle parked in what appeared to be a vacant lot. The vehicle was running and there appeared to be movement inside. A deputy approached the vehicle and upon looking inside, saw that there were four children in the vehicle. The officer also saw an open shot glass sitting on top of the center console in plain view and inside the shot glass was crack cocaine. Shortly after deputies arrived, a woman, later identified as Kimberly Villarreal emerged from an RV parked about 90 feet from the car, and ran to vehicle. Upon being questioned by officers, she admitted that of the four children in the car, one was hers, and the other three belonged to the defendant. The defendant came out of the trailer only after deputies yelled that if the mother of the remaining children did not come outside, they would be calling Child Protective Services. The defendant’s children were aged 5,7, and 8 at the time. When questioned as to where she lived, the defendant told the officers that she was currently homeless and takes the children everywhere with her. After she was arrested for leaving the children unsupervised in the vehicle in close proximity to crack cocaine, the defendant later admitted to officers that she did in fact have an apartment in Victoria and had left her 11 year old son there unsupervised. The Deputies were able to find family members to take custody of the children.
    In the punishment phase of the trial, the jury heard that, on two prior occasions, law enforcement officials had executed search warrants at homes in which the defendant lived with her children and that each time, narcotics, including crack cocaine had been recovered from the home. In her testimony, defendant denied having any knowledge of the narcotics found in her homes.
    Although the State requested that the jury send the defendant to the State Jail facility to be confined, the jury chose to sentence her to probation.
    ADA Barbara Agbu prosecuted the case and was assisted by ADA Jacquelyn Johnson and ADA Thomas Dillard.
    59 weeks ago
    What a shame. 5 years in jail is 5 more she would have alive to get it together for those kids.
  • 59 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    VICTORIA RESIDENT CONVICTED OF DWI  On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, a six-member jury convicted Rudolph Guajardo of Driving While Intoxicated. Evidence showed that Rudolph Guajardo was pulled over by a Victoria Police Department officer for a minor traffic violation – executing a wide right turn onto N. Navarro St. During the investigative stop, he had difficulty following basic instructions for Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Mr. Guajardo was arrested after failing to complete the Examination and becoming argumentative with the Officer.
    Trial began Tuesday afternoon and closed later that evening. Defense counsel, Alex Luna, asked the jury to question each piece of evidence with an open mind and send a message to the State with their verdict. At closing, ACDA Mendoza argued that, as citizens of Victoria, the jury should not entertain the same excuses and lies he provided to law enforcement. The jury deliberated for less than thirty minutes and returned a Guilty verdict.
    Sentencing also went before the jury that Wednesday morning. ADA Mendoza argued that the message was received clearly by the State by their verdict of “Guilty” and that it was time to hold Mr. Guajardo accountable – the jury recommended community supervision to the court.
    VICTORIA RESIDENT CONVICTED OF DWI     On Wednesday, November 29, 20
  • 60 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! from the District Attorney’s Office
  • 62 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    WOMAN BEATER GETS 55 YEARS  On Monday, November 6. 2017, a Victoria jury sentenced Roy Nanez Jr. to 55 years for the Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon of Abby Liserio. They also sentenced him to the maximum sentence of 10 years for tying up a seven year old child with a belt in order to restrict her movements.
    The evidence showed that on March 1, 2017, the Defendant beat Abby Liserio with a broomstick, his hands and his feet. During this incident, he threatened to kill Abby Liserio and her children. Abby Liserio’s seven year old daughter testified that after the Defendant tied her up with a belt, the Defendant laid blankets out on the floor and said he would kill Abby Liserio first, her son second and would kill the seven year old last. When the Defendant saw law enforcement’s lights outside the window, the Defendant told Abby Liserio he was sorry and told her to not answer the door for law enforcement. He then fled. Jurors saw photos of the bloodied trailer where the assault occurred and saw photos of the injuries to Abby Liseiro and her children.
    Medical personnel from Citizen’s Medical Center testified that Abby Liserio suffered a fracture to her orbital socket, a broken finger, swelling to her forehead and bleeding into her sinus cavity as a result of the beating.
    The jury later heard an interview of the Defendant pertaining to the events of March 1, 2017. In that interview, the Defendant claims another adult male was at the house and started the altercation. The evidence at trial showed, however, that the only adult male in the residence was the Defendant. In the same interview, the Defendant said he would fight Investigator Tony Daniel of the Victoria County Sherriff’s Office if Tony Daniel ever disrespected him.
    During punishment, Abby Liserio testified that she moved in with the Defendant in August of 2016 and that the Defendant assaulted her in December 2016, assaulted her on New Years of 2017, gave her two black eyes on February 24, 2017 (only one day after the Defendant was bonded out of jail from other charges), and bit her forehead on July 11, 2017, which left a scar. Also during punishment, Eugene Johnson testified about the Defendant breaking into his home and threatening to kill him with bolt cutters on June 29, 2016. Eugene also testified that the Defendant contacted him after the burglary occurred and threatened to kill Eugene if Eugene would not drop the charges.
    The jury also heard from Noemi Salinas and Quintin Moses about an assault that happened to Noemi Salinas back on May 27, 2014. The defendant fractured Noemi Salinas’ orbital socket during that assault and cracked her tooth. Noemi Salinas testified that when law enforcement arrived to the location, the Defendant threatened her to tell law enforcement everything was fine. Noemi Salinas’ case went to a Victoria jury in 2015. However, that jury did not find that the fractured orbital socket was serious bodily injury and only found the Defendant guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor. The current jury, in contrast, was in tears hearing Noemi Salinas recount the horror she endured at the hands of the Defendant and the terror that she still endures even to this day. Quintin Moses recalled that the Defendant told him on scene that Noemi Salinas’ ex-husband was the one that beat Noemi Salinas up and that the injuries to the Defendant’s hands were the result of Defendant trying to protect Noemi.
    The jury heard about 11 previous misdemeanor convictions the Defendant had, four previous felony convictions the Defendant had and five new felony offenses that the Defendant had committed from June 2016 to the present. The jury also heard from multiple jailers who described instances of the Defendant exposing his penis, starting fights in the jail, and banging on cell walls during his time in jail custody.
    The Defendant testified during punishment. He claimed that he threatened to murder Officer Gary Melson back in 2007, because Officer Gary Melson looked at him the wrong way. He claimed that he beat Noemi Salinas in 2014 because the 5’3”, 80 pound Noemi Salinas started hitting him first and he was defending himself. He claimed that the beating of Abby Liserio on March 1, 2017 occurred because Abby Liserio provoked him and hit him first. The Defendant continually blamed others for his behavior and said he did not believe in rehabilitation.
    Out of the 55 year sentence the Defendant received, he’ll have to remain confined for at least 27.5 years before he is eligible for parole. ACDA Jacquelyn Johnson and Tom Dillard prosecuted. Sara Bill and Steve Allen of the District Attorney’s Office played a huge role in the preparation and presentation of the case. The District Attorney’s Office would like to thank the Victoria County Sherriff’s Office, the Victoria Police Department, and the United States Marshals for all their hard work. Thanks also goes to the jury who worked hard during their deliberations of this case. Our community is safer because of their efforts.
    WOMAN BEATER GETS 55 YEARS On Monday, November 6. 2017, a Victoria j
    61 weeks ago 5
    Took too long. Way overdue.
    61 weeks ago 2
    What a POS!! Hopefully the justice system will keep this douche locked up for a while!! A man should never lay his hands on a female or even a harmless and innocent kid...
    61 weeks ago 1
    So what did the kid do to him? What's your excuse?
    61 weeks ago
    That's different. A man can do anything he can to protect himself.
    61 weeks ago
    So if a woman is coming at u with a knife to kill u, shouldnt do anything and just let her????
    61 weeks ago
    I understand Jessica, but what did the kid do to him??
    61 weeks ago 1
    abuser that what he will be the rest of his dame life
    61 weeks ago 1
    Selena Zanders
    61 weeks ago 1
    This what I was telling u bout this morning. 😳
    61 weeks ago
    61 weeks ago
    thy will not chance
    61 weeks ago
    Thank God !
    61 weeks ago
    61 weeks ago 1
    That's so sorry poor babies....
    61 weeks ago
    I'm glad they are sending him away and that woman and children will be safe because of it. I don't think someone with his temperament and violent nature will last long inside... those aren't woman, they'll beat him back
    61 weeks ago
    Denise Longoria
  • 62 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Honoring All Who Served
    THANK YOU VETERANSHonoring All Who Served
  • 63 weeks ago by Victoria County Criminal District Attorney

    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    VICTORIA RESIDENT CONVICTED OF DWI FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: STEPHEN TYLER; 361-575-0468   On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, a six-member jury convicted Pedro Thomas Garcia of Driving While Intoxicated. Evidence showed that Pedro Garcia was pulled over by a DPS trooper for, among other violations, an obstructed license plate – he subsequently had difficulty providing identification and also had a half-filled 25-ounce beer can behind the driver’s seat. Mr. Garcia was arrested after failing Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.
    Trial began Tuesday morning and closed in the afternoon. Defense counsel, Alex Luna, asked the jury to question each piece of evidence with an open mind. At closing, ACDA Mendoza argued that, as citizens of Victoria, it was their job to hold Ms. Garcia accountable for his actions that night in that the Defendant posed a severe danger to everyone on the road due to the Defendant’s statements to law enforcement that he had smoked synthetic marijuana as well as consumed two beers earlier that night. The jury deliberated for nearly three hours over the course of two days and returned a Guilty verdict. Sentencing is set for November 21, 2017.
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    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
    Many individuals and business are continuing to look for and hiring contractors here are some things to remember when hiring someone:  Hiring a Contractor  • Verify your contractor has a Contractor’s License issued by the
    City of Victoria as well as a state issued license where
    required  • Verify your contractor has a permit issued by the City of
    Victoria  • Ask for the scope of work and bid in writing  • Ask if the contractor is bonded and insured  • Limit deposits or purchase supplies for the contractor  • Many experienced contractors have a strong online presence  • Most Importantly; DO NOT pay for work before it has been
    completed  • If you have any concerns, please call the Development Center at 361-485-3320
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    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney
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    Victoria County Criminal District Attorney